Welcome to my radio pages!

My name is John, station G1VVP, located in JO03dd on the Lincolnshire coast. This website is a collection of my personal loggings, DX recordings and other bits and pieces of radio stuff, made on the Lincolnshire coast.

My main interests include long-distance (DX) listening on the VHF-FM and medium wave bands. I was active on the amateur bands but my landlord forbids the operation of amateur radio, and I began to lose interest in this. For me, the radio hobby began when I was in my early teens, thanks largely to my late father who was a keen listener himself, mostly tuning the amateur bands.

How I Began DXing »

The first seeds in the hobby were sown at an early age - in my early teens and probably well before. I have fond memories or our our television going on the blink, shortly followed by a visit from the TV engineer who would come along with his soldering iron and fix it. I would probably be around 10 or 11 years old. While he was making adjustments, I remember seeing him tuning the dial more »

FM DXing »

One of my main DX interests is in the VHF FM broadcast band, also known as Band 2, located between 87.5 and 108.0 MHz. I first discovered that this band could produce interesting continental DX in the late 70s when I received strong signals from Belgium around 98.0 MHz. This was my first taste of 'tropospheric' propagation. Soon after this I discovered 'Sporadic E', where signals could be heard from across Europe and even beyond! more »

Medium Wave DXing »

By day, broadcasts on the medium waves are usually limited to a few hundred miles at best, but after dark the band comes alive and reception is possible over many thousands of miles, sometimes with signals at 'armchair' strength, even on simple portable radio equipment. I have a particular interest in signals from the Americas. more »