DXpeditions: An Introduction

      The Trip
      This is possibly seen by some as being 'anorak' territory, though it can offer a great social aspect. Just why do some of us go to such lengths
      to participate in these DX trips?

      There are several reasons why DXers find the 'DXpedition' a fascinating part of the radio hobby. For me personally it's almost a holiday in itself.
      It's a time to relax and enjoy radio! It is usually far more rewarding than staying at home to listen to the radio.

      The Location
      The DXpedition site is chosen with great care. Such locations might be chosen for their remoteness, away from electrical noise or far away from
      other users of the radio spectrum. Some locations are preferable because of their geographic location, being located on a certain coast, or in a
      high location among hilltops and mountains. There is always a method in the madness, but a DXpeditions can be a rich social occasion in which
      like-minded enthusiasts share the hobby together.

      The first medium wave DXpedition I joined in 1985 broke new ground when five intrepid DXers experienced trans-polar ionospheric propagation during
      our visit to the far north-west of Scotland. We heard broadcasts from Alaska - something the scientists in our hobby had always thought was
      impossible from anywhere in the UK due to the effects of polar absorption around the Arctic.

      The Equipment
      It is also about being able to erect large antennae which would not be possible in the average domestic situation. If chosen carefully, the site
      will be 'electrically quiet' which will result in less noise on the bands, thus allowing very weak signals to be heard with good clarity. Such
      very weak signals will probably be lost deep within the noise at home.

      Whether we are concentrating our efforts on amateur radio communication or listening to broadcast stations from around the world. Add the social
      aspect and it can all add up to be a highly enjoyable and rewarding experience.

      The stations listed within this section are cumulative logs made at the respective locations and will give an idea of the sort of reception which
      might be experienced.