Skegness Cumulative Medium Wave Log: Africa

   This is a cumulative log of stations heard on medium wave at home in Skegness and on location
   in rural Lincolnshire.

   All stations have been positively identified unless otherwise stated. Note also that some
   stations will have changed network or frequency since a logging was made, so older loggings
   may still be listed on their original frequency or with their original name or network. The
   date shows when the station was first heard. Log details are available at

   Last Update: 2017-01-31 Filter: N America | C America & Caribbean | S America | Asia | Africa | All

    845 2016-10-28 ERI Eritrea, Unknown tx.

    891 2017-01-31 LSO LNBS Ultimate FM, Maseru/Lancer's Gap (msr)  9541 km

    917 2016-04-24 NIG Radio Gotel Yola, Jabura 4996 km

   1296 2013-10-12 SDN Radio Omdurman, Reiba (si)  5283 km

   1350 2016-05-10 BOT Radio Botswana, Tsahbong (kg)  9058 km

   1377 2016-04-25 TZA Radio Free Africa, Mwanza 5900 km

   1530 2012-10-07 STP Voice of America, Pinheira (sa)  5908 km